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Cultivating Resilience

Jun 19, 2023


Equity, inclusion, and justice should be critical goals of education today. To effectively work toward achieving them, though, the mental health and overall well-being of children and school staff must first be addressed. Following the success of Season 1, the podcast series, Cultivating Resilience: A Whole Community Approach to Alleviating Trauma in Schools continues to explore various ways to reduce anxiety and stress that are so prevalent in many of today's schools.

Sponsorship and the Team

This podcast series supports the work of the Compassionate Schools Leadership Academy (CSLA), a research grant to the Center for Educational Improvement, and Yale University’s Program for Recovery and Community Health from the U.S. Department of Education. (Award Number S423A220092).

For this series, Christine Mason, Victoria Romero, Jesse Kohler, and Jeff Ikler are collaborating as podcast hosts. Complete bios are available here:

Topics in Season 2

  1. Season 2: Overview and Welcome

  2. Racism, poverty, and neuroscience: implications for educators

  3. Open Windows, Open Minds: promoting more reasonable conversations about Racism

  4. The Education and well-being of Native students: recommendations for equity

  5. Promoting educator well-being

  6. Communicating, collaborating, and problem-solving to dissolve barriers and build esteem

  7. Affluenza: drug addiction, fears, anxiety, and other concerns of students from prosperous families

  8. Promoting well-being and mental health for students, faculty, and staff

  9. Why diversity programs fail

  10. Moving past the fear of losing control

  11. Case study: promoting mental health in one school district

  12. Implementation of SEL

  13. Case study: promoting mental health within a large urban setting (the NY DOE Department of Mental Health)