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Cultivating Resilience

Oct 10, 2023


Dr. Kelvin Butts is the Superintendent of Benton Harbor, MI, area schools and a lifelong educator, having served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal.


Our discussion touched upon trauma and mental health issues in the Benton Harbor Area Schools, emphasizing the need for mental health initiatives for both teachers and students. The importance of leadership philosophy and growing leaders within the district was highlighted, focusing on equity and addressing barriers through strategic planning and partnerships. The conversation also delved into education, neuroscience, and self-improvement through self-reflection and student feedback, ultimately emphasizing the significance of psychological safety, community engagement, and building alliances in education.


Key Topics

School leadership, trauma, and community support in Benton Harbor. (2:27)

Leadership, transparency, and building relationships in a school district. (9:26)

Mental health and wellness support for students and teachers in Benton Harbor. (14:25)

Addressing barriers to education and mental health support. (20:54)

Education, neuroscience, and teacher training. (27:39)

Self-reflection and improving teaching methods. (31:17)

Education, vulnerability, and agency in the classroom. (38:07)

Building alliances and addressing trauma in schools. (44:07)

Transformational leadership in education. (49:53)

Education reform with a focus on student involvement. (52:02)

Connect with Dr. Butts

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